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Our Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Cover:

  • Your Residence

  • Detached Structures (Garages workshops, fences, dog kennels, garden sheds etc…

  • Your Belongings (Including when you’re away from home.)

  • Living Expenses

  • Personal Liability

  • Medical Expenses

There are two types of coverage for your possessions under your Homeowners Insurance Policy: 

Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Coverage.

  • Under Actual Cash Value, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing the property minus an allowance for depreciation. If you have, say, older furniture, that allowance could be quite significant. Unless your policy specifically says it provides replacement cost coverage, the coverage is for actual cash value.

  • Under Replacement Cost Coverage, the insurance company will cover the cost of replacing property that is damaged or stolen, up to a maximum dollar amount. Replacement cost is better for you, the homeowner.

To insure your home appropriately, you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild your home in case it gets completely destroyed. That means the limit on your should be equal to the cost to replace your home.

* Please Note: Insurance policies vary.  Not every policy will include every coverage described above. Be sure to read your policy and check with your insurance agent for personalized information.